June 8, 2018



Xi’an Guangcheng Hotel

Xi’an Guangcheng Hotel is located in the middle of the business area, and it’s next to the middle section of the labor south road. The flourishing shopping distinct surrounded is very convenient for the clock and the ancient building.
Xi 'an Guangcheng Hotel not only withstood the test of time and the challenge of the market, but also with the "market positioning, product upgrading, enterprise culture, innovation marketing, standardized services" in many ways, such as active attempt and exploration, has earned the respect of industry and numerous honors, and with its outstanding group of brand value and dynamic welcomed widely into development and take-off.

Location: Middle Section of Laodong South Road, Lianhu Dist., Xi’an, China

To make your reservation, please contact Mr. Han from Xi'an Guangcheng Hotel through phone or email. For your convenience, please make your reservation as early as possible.

Mr. Han
Tel: +86-15029222723
*Please mention to Mr. Han that you are a participant of this conference for a favorable room rate.
*Please make your reservation as early as possible.

Xianyang International Airport: Xi’an Guangcheng Hotel is about 35 km from Xianyang International Airport. Firstly, Walk 490 meters from the hotel to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport Terminal 2, and take the Airport Bus to Xishaomen. Then walk about 180 meters to the destination, the Xi'an Guangcheng hotel. The whole length will cost about two hours.

Xi’an Railway Station: Walk 397 meters to reach the Railway Bus Station, and take the No.251 to Caoyang village, then walk 594 meters to reach the destination, named Xi’an Guangcheng Hotel. The Railway Station is about 9km from the hotel, and it will cost near 50mins.

The North Railway Station: It is about 19km from the hotel, and it will cost over 1h. Walk 398 meters to the North Railway Station, and take the subway line 2 to reach North Street, then take the subway line 1 to Laodong Road Bus Station, and take No.24 to Caoyang village, finally walk 350 meters to the destination, Xi 'an Guangcheng Hotel.

The South Railway Station: It is about 33km from the hotel, and it will cost near 2h. Walk 71 meters to the South Railway Bus Station, take the No.918 night bus to the Aerospace Subway Station, take the subway line 2 to Xiaozhai Station, then take the subway line 3 to Keji Road, then take No.503 arrive Caoyang village, finally walk 297 meters to the destination, Xi’an Guangcheng Hotel.